On the Run

New York City, early 1990s: a young, rich, and well-educated Central American man on the run from the police and Colombian drug dealers. He is accused of crimes he didn’t commit. Ready to do what it takes to survive, Pablo ironically embraces the very drug trade that threatened his life in the first place. Who is he? What is he really capable of?

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NetGalley Praise

“This book is so much fun... The story is well paced and will completely suck you in... Amorim’s writing style is unlike anything I have ever encountered previously... The writing keeps you wanting more... Pablo was a real interesting character and I ABSOLUTELY loved his dark humor... Well researched, hilarious and thrilling... Will keep an eye out more books from this author... This novel is unusual, deviating from other books of similar nature... An intriguing read, and one I very much enjoyed...”

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