What did I want to be when I grew up? Lots of different things, all related to creating stuff: architect (buildings), civil engineer, (bridges) mechanical engineer (cars and machines), aircraft engineer (airplanes), marine engineer (ships)...

I ended up choosing civil engineering and architecture and to create spaces. An architect needs more than vision and talent. The creation of spaces is a very complex process, where many things must be considered: the site’s characteristics, the urban landscape the building will be inserted in, the needs of the future users of the space, the local climate, the building materials available, the best suited construction techniques, the budget, the zoning laws and building code, etc. Then comes the construction, which requires accurate project management skills due to the amount of trades working at the site.

I worked in architecture and construction for about fifteen years. One day I asked myself: How can I mix architecture, design and construction skills with storytelling? The answer was branding. I changed profession and have been doing branding to these days. To me branding is a virtual kind of architecture enriched by many layers of meaning and built on storytelling.

Storytelling is very important to me. It is probably the ultimate creative work. You can build whole virtual worlds, move in time and space, etc. Once I decided to give it a try I never stopped. I write literary fiction.

As they say, a picture tells a thousand stories. It was photography's storytelling character that brought me to it. I also enjoy the fact that, like in literature and architecture, making copies won’t devalue the original work. I do photographic essays.

As a student at the Faculty of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, I was allowed to take classes in sculpture. Cast bronze is my favorite technique.

Last but not least, I also work as a coach.