• Concept for websites
• E-commerce strategy
• Keyword optimization in copy
• Web design
• Web usability
• Programming (PHP & MySQL) for content management systems and web shops
• Search engine optimization
• Keyword advertising
• Campaign and traffic analysis
• Social Media: Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I am not an expert for any of the above and I don’t strive to become one, either. On the contrary! My goal is to remain an excellent generalist who understands how each field relates to all the others. There are not many such generalists around.

Internet projects keep getting more and more complex. The number of expertise fields keeps growing, too. Experts increasingly don’t understand all the relevant issues and can’t talk to each other. The social media expert might not get the relevance of traffic and search engine placement, the SEO expert might not see that too much keyword optimization destroys good copy, the web designer might not understand usability issues, etc.

It’s primordial to have a bird eye’s view of the whole, to see the forest and the trees.