Native speaker. I speak Brazilian Portuguese, which is quite different from the Portuguese spoken in Portugal.

English & German
Fluent. Contrary to conventional wisdom, I think it’s easier to learn proper German than proper English. The fact that one needs so little English to get by creates the impression that it’s an easy language to master. It’s not!

Intermediate to Advanced – passed level N2 of the 日本語能力試験 also known as JLPT. I have come a long way but there is still a lot of work to do. Learning Japanese is a great way to relax and – after you have bought all the learning materials – a quite inexpensive hobby, too.

Italian, Spanish, French
Italian & Spanish: advanced
French: intermediate
These romance languages are quite similar to Portuguese so it’s easy to get by. I can understand a lot, both spoken and written. I can make myself understood but I wouldn’t dare to write in any of them.

Computer languages
At college I had the chance to learn the basics of good old FORTRAN. We had to write the code in punch cards and bring them to be fed to the mainframe computer in the air-conditioned room...

This was the era of the HP-41C, the scientific calculator astronauts used in the space shuttle. Polish notation! Any engineer worth his salt had one. Using the principles learned in Fortran we could program the 41C to calculate a building’s concrete structure: columns, beams, and slabs!

Soon later came the first computer assembly kits. They could run programs in BASIC, which was based on Fortran and was much easier to work with. After personal computers and shrink-wrapped software came there was no need to write code anymore...

Many years later, the Internet brought us HTML, PHP, MySQL, etc. I never took the time to learn them properly but I can read them well enough to do almost anything I want to do online. I don’t particularly like these languages. Fortran and HP-41C was much more fun!

I sold my HP-41CV and upgraded to a HP-42S, which I still have today. After all these years I still do calculations best in Polish notation!