“I was thinking about the book beyond the end of my read. Izai Amorim has written something that makes me want to hear more of his voice.”

 “This is a well-written and fun book, as well as a cutting commentary of European social politics and big business in general. An enjoyable, unique read.”

“This is the funniest book I have read in a while and the author has a style I haven't seen before. I haven't laughed out loud with a book in quite a while and did so throughout the book. Very refreshing and very appealing in my opinion. One of the things I love is the way he uses politically correct language to show how wrong some of it is. It so stupid it is funny. Well done!”

“There are many things that will test perceptions and make the reader reflect on it afterward and that's what makes a good story (at least for me!) in any genre. Definitely worth a read!”

“The Games asks important questions about the power to shape the story – either by forcing events to happen or by interpreting them to suit one's views and agenda.”

“What the author portrays is frightening and would create a power structure that would take away our freedoms and lead to a totalitarian government and society.”

“This is a novel full of satire, sarcasm, and possibly prophecy. It almost seemed to me that this storyline was a parody of so much of the current chaos in the USA.”

“This book is like the script of persuasive and eye-opening film that reveals the decadent politics of the 21th century in Europe. A really enjoyable reading!”

“Izai Amorim knows how to write and keep the reader very involved.”

“Has real history been also made up as shown in this book?”

“Money, power, greed, corruption, lies. The setting for The Games is in Berlin, but could have easily been in the USA. So while I did not feel any love for the characters, it was an interesting read.”

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